Domaine Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay

The estate

The countryside just outside Paris

Paris Society reinvents the hotel business by tackling a much fantasized monument: the country getaway.
The group never does things by halves, so it's by investing in a historic monument that it gives substance
to its hotel ambition: the Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay.

Laurent de Gourcuff, founder of Paris Society, recognized this nugget at first sight,
, after years of searching for the place to build the hotel project of his dreams. This majestic estate steeped in history,
from the Cistercian genesis to the golden age of the Rothschilds, became his immense playground for imagining
an incredible XXL family home in the heart of unspoilt nature, just 45 minutes from Paris.


The spirit of the former mistress of the manor reigns over the different areas of the Abbey: reception, the hunting grounds, the inn, le réfectoire des moines, the enfilade of salons, the jame's bar, the boutique and the hotel's most prestigious rooms.

Les Haras Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay

Les Haras

Just a stone's throw from the Abbey, the property's former stables reveal cosy attic rooms, a sublime SPA and wellness area, a swimming pool and a gym.

Le pavillon d’honneur

At the Pavillon d'Honneur, a jewel nestled in the trees, we cultivate a hunting lodge spirit and a sense of comfort.

Spacious and convivial, this through-home will delight lovers of generous volumes and luminous spaces.

Le pavillon des sources

Spacious and convivial, this through-home will delight lovers of generous volumes and luminous spaces.

Indoor activities

Cinema, karaoke, blind test or gaming room, the only problem here is choosing! Even children have their own dedicated space: a Kids Club designed and created with the complicity of the Tartine et Chocolat brand.

Nautical activities

After a bike ride around the lake, what could be better than a trip in a rowboat or pedalo?

Fantastic animals

Fall in love with the fantastic animals as you stroll around the estate.

Hotels reinvented

Domaine Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay

Like an immense playground in the heart of unspoilt nature, the Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay promises to make every moment a waking dream. With service attentive to the highest degree, the enveloping intimacy of its rooms, the generosity of its common spaces as grand as they are familiar, and the infinite range of its activities, the estate transports us to this incredible family home 45 minutes from Paris.

Under the talented guidance of Cordélia de Castellane, who has imagined each décor down to the last detail, designed each motif and conceived each room in a singular way, drawing inspiration from the history of the site, the estate turns classic hotel codes on their head and forges deeper bonds with its guests.

Over the course of the 4 seasons, by the fire or by the lake, between rejuvenation, earthly nourishment and exceptional moments, each guest writes his or her own Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay experience.

Domaine Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay

The walls of the Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay echo with 900 years of history.

Founded in 1118 by a handful of monks, the Abbey grew to become a Cistercian Abbey in 1147, with a community of 200 monks. Continuing its activity over the centuries despite wars and epidemics, the Abbey was emptied of its occupants in 1790, when the National Assembly divided it up and it was transformed into a simple stone quarry, thus doomed to oblivion.

This was without counting on the obstinacy of an avant-garde and passionate woman, Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, who, almost a century later, brought the place back from the ashes. A lover of the arts, painter and musician (her piano teacher was a certain Chopin), she scrupulously rebuilt each building and added new constructions, shaping the estate as we know it today.

The Second World War signalled the end of the Rothschild era with a final coup d'éclat (the statues from the Château de Versailles were sheltered in the woods of the Abbey, under the noses of the German occupiers).

Since then, the Abbey has passed through several hands, and in 2023 it begins a new page in its history, ready to shine throughout the world.

Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay

The history of the abbey

Domaine Abbaye des Vaux-de-Cernay


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